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Cyber security
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Calibre prides itself on delivering complex and reliable solutions in a wide variety of industries that are dominated by the need for safety, control, reliability and increased productivity. Today, these issues are being increasingly threatened by the trend of cybersecurity attacks on industrial control assets.

Our extensive experienced in Industrial Control System design, implementation and maintenance uniquely positions us to review your ICS Cyber Security resilience for both new and existing assets or systems.

We follow review lifecycle building appropriately on the standards:

• ISO AS/NZS 27001 – Information Security Standard;

• IEC 62443 “Security for industrial automation and control systems”;

• NIST Special Publication 800-82 Revision 2 “Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security”, and

• AS 7770 Rail Cyber Security.

Our ICS Cybersecurity analysis is tailored to your requirements and is based on the size and complexity of the asset, system or subsystems under review as well as the agreed scope and depth you desire.

Control systems are often at the very core of an organisation’s business objectives and profitability.

Threats to and attacks on these systems is increasing across all industries.

Through the implementation of a robust security governance framework in conjunction with a well-designed cybersecurity environment, your process control systems can be protected from adverse digital impacts, mitigating significant disruption or losses.

Calibre can help your organisation audit your current cybersecurity, identify a business risk-based improvement strategy and work with you to realise, implement and maintain that strategy.

Cyber Security Process
Cyber Security Process