Utilities, Power, Water

Whether for power, gas, water and wastewater, or telecommunications, our multidisciplinary teams work closely with utility providers, councils and government departments to optimise operations and expedite project delivery.

From concept through to commissioning and managed services, our technology specialists can provide automation, communications, and monitoring solutions to support and optimise your operations.

We can deliver network operations centres, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and instrumentation solutions, or CCTV, access control and visualisation systems.

Our teams can advise on bulk earthworks, drainage, erosion and sediment control, water supply and sewage. Hydrology expertise is offered for flood management, catchment modelling, stormwater management, drainage system modelling, floodways, channels and detention basins, pollution control studies, water quality management, and stormwater harvesting.