Resource Stewardship

Calibre QuadR works in partnership with its clients to support the finding, extracting, reusing, recycling and disposing of mineral and metal products under its stewardship in the most efficient, competitive and environmentally responsible manner possible.

Maintaining and enhancing the environment for present and future generations
Respecting the needs and values of all resource users
Securing the involvement and participation of stakeholders

Maintaining and enhancing the environment

Respecting the needs and values of all resource users

Securing the participation of stakeholders

Commitment to minimising the impact of operations on the environment.

During the planning and design phase, environmental impacts of the product design or planned construction activities are considered, including effects on air, water, soil and flow on effects to flora, fauna, habitat, local community and heritage.

Material choices are made to minimise the carbon footprint, and to ensure future adaptability and reusability of the building or components.

Acknowledgement of the sensitivities and cultural heritage of the community within the influence of Calibre QuadR projects and ensuring the correct protection measures are put in place during the planning and design phases is key to the Calibre QuadR operating framework.

Assist clients to design mine landforms and infrastructure with closure aspects at the forefront, to reduce the long-term risks associated with mine development opportunities.

To protect a client’s ‘social license to operate’ Calibre QuadR supports companies in navigating and engaging with the local community and key stakeholders.

Our significant capability and expertise in engaging and contracting with Indigenous communities, ensures high quality social outcomes.

Project engagement with Traditional Owners includes protocols such as ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies and cultural awareness training sessions.