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The Calibre team are at the forefront when it comes to sustainability.

If you are wondering what alternative forms of technology are viable options to reduce energy consumption, support competitive advantage and lower environmental impacts then Calibre may be able to assist.

Renewable energy and systems that support it are at the forefront of CFOs and asset managers thinking as they are taking control of their utility and fleet costs. As energy costs continue to rise, and renewable energy targets are becoming mandated by governments, a provider with the experience and expertise in this fast-paced field will be crucial to ensure that upgrades and new investments are realised efficiently and cost-effectively.

We invite you to have confidential discussion about your energy requirements and options – at no cost to you. If you have operations which have more than 100 staff, or work in a high energy use environment such as manufacturing, logistics or otherwise, applying new technologies or retrofitting existing facilities can deliver medium and longer term savings which ultimately will make your business more competitive, sustainable and profitable.

Calibre can work with clients to develop strategies, designs and technologies, as well as broker clean energy funding.

Our services include:

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) design: harnessing the energy power of surfaces such as roofs, windows, and facades
Solar studies and audits: working with you to find out what is possible
Solar farms and micro grids: capturing the full capacity of solar power on a large scale
Geothermal heating/cooling technology: using the energy of the earth
Hydrogen infrastructure: for the distribution of hydrogen fuel
Car charging stations: for your home or business
Energy storage: capturing and storing energy
Energy monitoring: ensuring you know what you are using

Contact Robert Saunders (contact to the right) to discuss how Calibre can help you and your company achieve its renewables targets.