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A successful project relies not just on technical expertise, but on innovation and the ability to plan and design for future requirements. It also requires collaboration and the collective commitment of some very smart cookies. And fortunately for us (and for our clients) we have a lot of smart cookies (aka engineers) on hand.

Our engineers come in all shapes and sizes – civil, mechanical, structural, process, electrical, geotechnical, communications...

The list goes on.

Why? Because we are committed to bringing together the right team, with the right attitude and right experience; no matter what their engineering skill set, to deliver on time, every time, for our clients.

Our approach is simple

We listen to and work with you.

And we don’t do ‘technobabble’.

Whatever we do, whatever we say, we ensure it is market appropriate and technically robust.

At all stages of the design and delivery process, we aim to understand what you need and how best to achieve it. For Calibre teams the process of delivering the right engineering outcome (no matter what the technical discipline) is very much an ongoing dialogue.

And while we like nothing more than to talk with you about the project, we are, after all, engineers, so you can rest assured that rigorous design monitoring and review processes is just how we go about things.

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

This protocol sets in place a high level of quality assurance across all projects, and ensures the design meets your specific requirements.

Our goal is to provide you buildable, cost-effective and lower-risk solutions, whether you’re looking at smart transportation systems, automated processes, efficient mechanical operations, challenging structures, complex civil infrastructure, or sustainable environmental and water design.