Mining and Asset Closure

Calibre is a leading provider of diversified and value-driven engineering services. Our mine and facility closure experience assist our clients in leaving a positive legacy, complementing our mining optimisation, heavy-haul rail, technologies, renewable, infrastructure and built environment services.

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Mine Closure and Rehabilitation (MCR) is a critical component of environmental management in the mining industry. The legacy left after operations close is a key measure of a resource development company’s contribution to sustainable development and is fundamental to maintaining their reputation, social licence to operate and environmental legacy.

The core goal of any MCR Project is to achieve the principal closure objectives and relinquish tenure as soon as possible, in a cost-efficient manner, to the satisfaction of the myriad stakeholders in an ecologically sustainable manner. Closure objectives typically seek to ensure that the site is:

• ‘physically’ safe to humans and animals

• ‘geo-technically’ stable

• ‘geo-chemically’ non-polluting/non-contaminating

• ‘sustaining’ agreed post-mining land uses

Achieving these objectives does not imply returning the site to a pre-mining environment but rather the development of self-sustaining functional ecosystems formed to be safe, stable and non-polluting. This brings unique challenges to any mine or asset as demonstrating compliance with the closure criteria and indicators required to relinquish tenure may include an associated monitoring period in the order of 10 to15 years.

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