Rio Tinto Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Braking

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Pilbara Region, Western Australia, Australia

Implementing Automatic Train Protection system for critical supervision of locomotive movements

Calibre QuadR was engaged as the engineering, procurement and construction management consultant for the fleet-wide implementation of electronically controlled pneumatic braking technology to heavy haul locomotives and ore cars.

Decreasing delivery cycle times to increase overall productivity

The upgrade of the existing rolling stock fleet was intended to reduce braking distances, decrease ore delivery cycle times and result in an overall increase in productivity. ECP braking technology would also improve the safety of the rail operations on the mainline through enhanced handling capabilities of the ore trains.

The Automatic Train Protection system provides in cab signalling and critical supervision of locomotive movements on the mainline. This system was upgraded to facilitate the implementation of ECP.

Three stage delivery

The ATP system upgrade was delivered in accordance with CENELEC standards as a SIL4 system and deployed over three stages:

  1. Replacement of the existing 12000 ATP system to the new L15000 platform.
  2. Fleet-wide software update to facilitate ECP.
  3. Additional functional enhancements to ATP to improve operational safety.




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