Rail Cutting & Embankment Geotechnical Assessments

Western Australia

Providing solution to stabilise the environment.

Calibre QuadR was commissioned to complete geotechnical assessment and provide detailed remedial solutions to stabilise identified unstable rail cut and embankments.

The scope comprised of investigating 19 cutting and 5 embankment sites. Calibre QuadR planned and supervised site investigation on the embankments and drone surveys on cuttings to collect the required information for the assessments.

The investigation programme was carried out with minimum track shut downtime and without HSE incidents. The collected information from the drone survey was then analysed using a photogrammetry method to identify geotechnical hazards and their associated risks. A geotechnical risk profile has been generated for each site in accordance with the clients' risk matrix.

Project need

The key project requirements were:

  • Desk study and review of existing information
  • Detailed ground investigations to collect require geotechnical information
  • Identification of geotechnical hazards and their associated risks in cutting and embankment sites
  • Provision of a risk profile for each site in compliance with the clients' risk matrix
  • Provision of factual and interpretive reports, and remedial work design and drawings

Project solution

  • Desk study, walkover and review of the existing geotechnical information
  • Planning and supervision of on-site investigation carried out on rail cutting and embankments
  • Collation, analysis, and interpretation of collected data
  • Provision of remedial methods to stabilise cutting and improve performance of track formations
  • Completion of workshops with the project and the client teams.
  • Provision of a remedial work process in two phases and their relevant design report and drawings


  • Planning for the site investigations following the walkover programme
  • Summary of different investigation methods and their optimisation
  • Workshops with the client to finalise remedial works and execution phases
  • Factual and interpretive reports for completed ground investigations
  • Risk assessment profiles and remedial work design report and drawings for investigated sites




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