Rail Capacity Enhancement Project

Rio Tinto

Pilbara Region, Western Australia, Australia

Delivering one of the largest railway expansions in Australia

One of the largest railway expansion projects undertaken in Australia, the Rail Capacity Enhancement Project comprised three phases:

  1. 283Mtpa
  2. 333Mtpa
  3. 353 Mtpa

After Calibre QuadR completed the Order of Magnitude study and Preliminary Engineering Study for the project, our team progressed to Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) delivery.

Extensive scope of works

    • Duplication of approximately 70km of track
    • Eight siding/junction upgrades
    • One major yard construction, temporary infrastructure and services to support construction
    • Four new major bridges and three major arch culverts
    • Construction of new crossovers at two points on the railway line
    • Rolling stock maintenance facilities upgrades
    • Expanding communications, signalling and asset protection infrastructure to the new railway assets
    • New roads at the Cape Lambert and Seven Mile yards
    • Two new and two existing rail construction camps
    • Roll out of Electronic Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking system to entire wagon fleet, and
    • New locomotive servicing and refuelling facilities




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