Pentridge Prison Redevelopment

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Coburg, Victoria. Australia

Urban renewal transformation to preserve the past and create a new chapter for an important historical asset.

Calibre Built Environment’s proactive and collaborative approach was essential in helping to realise the Pentridge Prison Redevelopment vision to create a vibrant, well-designed urban village that invigorates an important historical asset.

Developing thriving new community hub

Perfectly located to become the new heart of Coburg, this urban renewal project sees the significant prison site transformed into a new community hub complete with housing, retail, community areas and public open spaces.

Protecting heritage assets

A particular priority was to preserve the site’s historic integrity, most notably characterised by the famous bluestone walls. Thoughtful design and high quality construction has seen the new buildings seamlessly integrated with the existing heritage assets.

Pentridge 2
Pentridge 3

Realising the vision

Calibre Built Environment was the lead engineering consultant for the public realm master planning. The schematic design set the engineering framework for the redevelopment of the heritage prison, including five heritage buildings and associate features, plus a mixture of retail, commercial, entertainment, tourism and residential uses.

Our team worked closely with the client to address the integration of landscape and heritage features with the civil works, water sensitive urban design, ecological sustainable design features and services.

Calibre Built Environment subsequently prepared the detailed design for the public realm civil engineering works and provided construction supervision.


Built Environment

Specialist Services:

  • Construction Supervision
  • Master Planning
  • Road Design
  • Service Design
  • Stormwater Quality Supervision


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