Macgregor West Estate

Village Building Co

West Macgregor, ACT, Australia

Partnering for positive outcomes

Macgregor West is a 1,360 dwelling development, completed over 19 sub-stages with the aim to provide significant affordable housing to the market. Calibre Built Environment was involved in the whole of project delivery, including feasibility, detailed design of 19 sub-stages, tendering, construction administration and site surveillance, and asset handover. A partnering style relationship between client, consultant and contractor was adopted throughout the project life, resulting in significant positive outcomes.

Macgregor West Estate

Delivering in record time

Calibre Built Environment’s dedication and extensive experience was instrumental in delivering the Estate Development Plan in a record time of two months. Initial detailed designs were also produced within record time, which significantly sped up planning and design approvals and commencement of work. For our client, this meant significant time and cost savings, allowed sales to be realised sooner, and contributed towards the goal of delivering a significant affordable development.

Accelerating settlement timeframes

The majority of affordable houses were constructed by the developer in parallel with the construction of the subdivision works. This accelerated settlement timeframes, which meant faster financial return for our client. Calibre Built Environment facilitated significant onsite coordination between civil and residential construction trades to allow for planned access, materials storage and detailed programming of works to allow for both construction streams to be carried out at once.

Other project highlights

  • Site wide water sensitive urban design (WSUD) strategy
  • Project specific narrower road cross-sections to optimise land take and affordability, and
  • Bulk earthworks for the entire estate including block benching.