Island Bay Cycle Lanes

Wellington City Council

Wellington, New Zealand

The Island Bay Cycle Lanes project will provide the first ‘Copenhagen Style’ cycle lane in New Zealand. Projected growth of already highly populated southern suburbs have made improvements to bike routes between Island Bay and the city centre essential.

Our team provided the concept and detailed designs of the scheme. The project required detailed topographical surveys and 3D modelling at each intersection to incorporate the proposed bus shelter within available space and minimise disruption to all forms of traffic.

As this project was the first of its kind in New Zealand, Calibre worked closely with the client and local stakeholders to agree the route of the cycle lanes, minimising impact on other road users. Calibre also provided support to the client for the public consultations.

In the first section to be developed, a total of 3km of lightly protected cycle lanes will be provided along one of Wellington’s widest and flattest streets, connecting local amenities, with the space for dedicated bike lanes next to the footpath. Other design features include cycle lane continuity through all intersections, bus stop bypasses at eight stops, new pedestrian crossings, keeping most right-turning lanes at busier intersections and keeping most on-street parking where safe to do so.