Great Keppel Island Rejuvenation Project

Queensland Government

Capricorn Coast, Queensland

Rejuvenating one of the world's most biodiverse natural wonders

The Great Barrier Reef is one of world's most celebrated biodiverse natural wonders and is fundamental to Queensland's sustainable tourism future. Stretching 2,300km along the Queensland coast, it has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1981 making it an iconic part of tourism and essential to attracting new and return visitors to the state.

Delivering renewable energy strategies for a unique environment

Provision of additional water and power infrastructure to Great Keppel Island was vital to being able to provide the services needed to stimulate growth in the area. This new infrastructure will enable around seven thousand residents and visitors to occupy the island.

Calibre Built Environment completed a feasibility study on off-grid solutions for Great Keppel Island, exploring large scale solar farms, battery storage, concentrated solar, hydrogen and micro-turbine technologies.

Great Keppel 03
Great Keppel 04
Great Keppel 06

Respecting whale migration periods

A critical part of planning was to ensure our methodology made provision for construction to occur within a small window outside whale migration periods. Our services included:

  • Concept design for 15.5km of OD315PE subsea water supply to Great Keppel Island
  • Reservoir site layout, booster pump station
  • Additional 3km of reticulation pipework
  • Associated access roads and valve pits

  • electrical 22kv submarine cable to the island