Googong New Town

Googong Township and CIC Australia

Googong, New South Wales, Australia

The master planned Googong Township has been designed to be one of the first purpose-built, large-scale water-efficient communities in Australia. The township is being constructed on a 780ha of former grazing land and will take up to 25 years to complete. Once completed the town will contain over 5,500 lots and be home to 16,000 people. The first two stages of the development comprise 340 blocks.

Googong - Paddocks to Places

Stages 1 and 2 are built around Beltana Park, a large landscaped recreational space which includes Club Googong and a number of water quality, detention and bio retention ponds. Googong will pioneer the use of recycled water. Compared to traditional development, Googong will reduce potable water use by over 60 per cent and instigate recycling of at least 62 per cent of the township’s wastewater for non-potable use.

Calibre is delivering:

  • Design for road and path networks
  • Sewer reticulation design
  • Design of a dual water reticulation system, including potable and recycled water
  • Stormwater infrastructure design, including water quality and bio-retention ponds.
  • Co-ordination for utilities services and street lighting


Calibre are a key part of the multi-disciplinary team delivering Googong. Creating new communities the scale of Googong requires our consultants to be able to think in the big picture at the same time as being able to get the detail right. Calibre have proven they can do both with great results.

Malcolm Leslie, Project Director, CIC Australia




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