Flood Mitigation Levee

Western Australia, Australia

Preliminary Engineering Study and Detailed Engineering Studies.

Calibre QuadR was commissioned to conduct Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) and thereafter, Detailed Engineering Studies (DES) for the development of ore deposits by the client.


The key geotechnical hazard to the project was uncertainty in foundation condition and stability of the suggested 7 km flood protection levee and its constructability. Calibre QuadR was engaged to assess the foundation condition and stability of the levee structure using ground investigation and interpretive approaches, for the PES and DES phases of the study.

Key outcomes of the studies comprised provision of different options and optimisation of footprint of the levee in PES and rigorous assessment of constructability and stability of the levee structure in DES studies.

Key requirements

    • Review available geology, hydrogeology, and geotechnical data
    • Ground investigations to collect require geotechnical information
    • Assessment of constructability of levee considering foundation condition, availability of borrow material and its stability
    • Optimisation of levee footprint to account for different levee-pit interactions and maximising ore recovery
    • Provision of factual and interpretive reports

    Project solution

    The complexity of geology and hazards expected to be encountered during the execution phase, required project-oriented investigation and interpretations, including:

    • Rigorous desk study and review of existing relevant information
    • Optimisation of levee structure footprint and its distance to the suggested adjacent pit to maximise achievable volume of ore
    • Planning of site investigation for gap filling of geotechnical data
    • Collation, analysis, and interpretation of information


    Our geotechnics team delivered all the site investigation factual and interpretive information to the designers and client including:

    • Schedule and plans for ground investigations
    • Factual and interpretive reports
    • Plan for further investigation and studies

    Value add

    Calibre QuadR's efforts to identify the project’s key hazards and their associated risks provided an opportunity to the client to plan for the implementation phase of the project.




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