Curtis Island LNG Support Facilities

John Holland and Bechtel and Queensland Gas Group (QGC)

Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Curtis Island is the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping terminal in eastern Australia. It was first in the world to turn gas from coal seams into LNG and in 2014 processed more than 12 million tonnes of LNG. This was made possible through the expansion of QGC’s existing natural gas production in the Surat Basin, which included a 540 km buried natural gas pipeline network and natural gas liquefaction plan.

As part of the expansion, Calibre designed key components of the support facilities. This included buildings for operational staff, control facilities maintenance workshop and warehouse facilities, security personnel stations and storage facilities and miscellaneous buildings.

As the facilities are located off the coast of Central Queensland, it was necessary that they withstand cyclonic wind conditions and blast loads. Consequently, the buildings are typically steel framed.



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