BHPB Iron Ore Abnormal Situation Management SCADA Upgrade

BHP Billiton

Port Hedland, Western Australia, Australia

Keeping operations safe and running efficiently.

Control room operators have to manage and make sense of massive amounts of data in order to keep operations safe and running efficiently. As instrumentation and data systems have improved operators are provided with increasing information, which can be beneficial in understanding plant conditions but which can also create an overload of information that is difficult to respond to.

Tech room

Enabling more accurate decision making

In order to simplify the presentation of data to operators and to aid them in making appropriate decisions a method of data presentation called Abnormal Situation Management was developed. These standards, when applied well, reduce operator response time and allow more accurate decision making, leading to better plant performance.

Simplifying complex data

Calibre QuadR applied these standards to an existing SCADA system to improve and upgrade the legacy graphics to a newer, more efficient standard. This resulted in a reduction in the number of pages that the operators need to view as well as simplifying the data on the pages. Information is presented in a graphical representation that clearly highlights key situations to the operators, effectively reducing clutter and directing the operator to what is important.