BHP Billiton Operational Technology Service Management

BHP Billiton

Sites across Queensland, Australia

Transforming technology solutions to support remote operations

With the integration of operations through a remote operations centre environment, there was a requirement to centralise the technology support frameworks for the various assets within the business. This centralisation required merging the corporate IT systems with the operational technology (OT) systems. In order to complete this centralisation, it was important to first know the current status of the design in the field, so that the centralised teams could support the systems.

Calibre QuadR conducted a program of knowledge capture by compiling the existing knowledge of the systems and where required as-building the existing drawings. The method of support and response also needed to be defined so that there were clear processes to manage the systems.

Capturing knowledge

The aim of this project was to create a system where responses to system issues were well managed, accurate information was at hand, and the systems could be rectified as quickly as possible. The system also required ongoing information capture to ensure that all history and knowledge of the business was captured for future use.