BHP Billiton Iron Ore Process Control Network (PCN) Remediation

BHP Billiton

Mine sites include Area C, Yandi, Jimblebar, Orebody 18 and Mt Whaleback, Western Australia

Providing fast and reliable communications to production critical environments

Technology is continually improving, and in the case of communications systems, the speed and robustness of ethernet technologies has vastly improves. In order to provide fast and reliable communications to production critical environments it is necessary to refresh the technologies at regular intervals.

Upgrading critical communications systems

Calibre QuadR was engaged to upgrade the existing critical communications systems that keep the plant running – otherwise known as Plant Control Networks (PCN). This involved replacing end-of-life network equipment, resolving network misconfigurations, and migrating end devices from the “legacy” network.

The objectives for the PCN project include:

  • Minimising costly delays and disruptions in production by increasing reliability and decreasing unplanned downtime
  • Optimising operations and maintenance strategies, processes and procedures
  • Reducing the duplication of core network infrastructure in central site locations
  • Increasing productivity and mine performance without compromising safety concerns.
  • Ensuring minimal latency between mines, port and IROC
  • Increasing the availability of process control infrastructure, and
  • Enabling pro-active remote monitoring of the sites so as to minimise unscheduled downtime through the provision of new infrastructure.




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