Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects

Pilbara Region, Western Australia, Australia

Transformative solutions to support Rio Tinto’s decarbonisation strategy towards a 50% carbon reduction in emissions by 2030.

AutoHaul® was the world's first automated, long distance, heavy haul rail network and was key to Rio Tinto's Iron Ore Rail Capacity Enhancement Project. It incorporates remote operations, wayside systems and on-board systems to connect 15 mines with two ports across 1700 km of track.

Rio Tinto's Autohaul

Pioneers in complex automation in the resource infrastructure industry to help drive safer, more efficient and lower cost operations.

Calibre QuadR executed the study, design and implementation aspects for all rail and support infrastructure. This involved successful engineering, management and delivery of an optimised driving strategy computed by an onboard, predictive, dynamic train simulation.

Calibre QuadR was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as a key partner supporting the delivery of the AutoHaul® project.

We continue to support AutoHaul® with with testing, commissioning and deployment of new software updates.

Auto Haul Guiness Record
Auto Haul Project 2
Auto Haul Project 4
  • Integrated locomotive on-board systems including an enhanced Automatic Train Protection system and a collision detection system
  • Enhanced wayside asset protection systems
  • Signalling on mainline rail and at load out loop and rail yard handover points
  • Communication system upgrades to the Rio Tinto Data Network
  • Level crossing protection including obstruction detection systems to enhance public safety
  • Modified work stations at Operations Centre




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