Our Technical Excellence

Working with our clients, we strive to enhance the way in which we work and the offerings we provide. Through technical excellence, innovative thinking, improved systems and agile processes, the Calibre team can provide a full project lifecycle solution that utilises our multidisciplinary engineering disciplines and capitalises on new and emerging technologies.

Calibre Welcomes Byron Talmage - General Manager - Technical Eminence, Innovation and Risk

Water and Wastewater the key to opening doors for developments

Knowing the timing for water & wastewater servicing is one of the keys to opening the door for development in the greater Sydney region.

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Automation the key to improve efficiency and safety in intermodal facilities

As major investments are planned in freight rail infrastructure, new ways of thinking are required to get freight off trucks and shift containerised freight onto rail.

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Calibre’s experience with communication signalling systems offers value to both sides of the tracks

Australia’s rail network is bringing exciting opportunities to innovate and implement new technologies that improve line capacities and enhance safety operations. One such area is track communication systems. As a leader in rail operations in this country, Calibre is the only consultancy to have worked directly with the two leading contenders - ETCS and CBTC.

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Calibre to be part of Rio Tinto’s first solar plant in Western Australia

Calibre has been awarded the provision of Project Management Services to support construction of a new solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Rio Tinto’s Gurrai-Darri mine site.

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Mine - Partial Closure, Order of Magnitude Study

Byron Talmage

Byron Talmage

General Manager - Technical Eminence, Innovation & Risk

Welcome to Calibre. My name is Byron Talmage, the General Manager for Technical Eminence, Innovation & Risk. In my role, I care deeply about driving holistic technical excellence across all of Calibre services. We work collaboratively with our clients to assess new technologies and ways of working to ensure we are continually improving and going above and beyond our client expectations. I invite you to work with Calibre and experience true client service in an environment in which innovation and your needs are at the forefront of everything we do. 

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