What we do

While engineering is our core skill, we work with central and local government, and private clients to consider assets from a whole-of-life perspective. This means we can act as strategic advisors in a long-term partnership to provide a complete service or support you at a single stage.

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We think of projects in 5 stages:

  1. Discover: we want to learn about you, your organisation and project - your vision, goals, needs and drivers.
  2. Advise: we work collaboratively with you to identify and agree on an optimal solution.
  3. Design: we propose, optimise and refine the technical design elements.
  4. Deliver: we act in a proactive and responsive manner with you and the contractor to deliver the physical works.
  5. Support: we guide you through your planning and decision making to help manage the assets in your long-term strategy.

Our Services


Bruce Vincent, Executive General Manager - Property & Places

Bruce Vincent

Executive General Manager - Property & Places

+64 4 384 2029

Eric Simeone, Head of Structures

Eric Simeone

Head of Structures

+64 22 176 0463
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Geoff Anderson, Head of Infrastructure

Geoff Anderson

Head of Infrastructure

+64 27 467 0178
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Peter Ollivier, Head of Advisory

Peter Ollivier

Head of Advisory

+64 4 894 7860
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