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Transgrid Cable 330Kv
Diona Crew On Site

Diona is a specialist in the delivery of utility services and infrastructure across Australia, with more than 35 years’ experience working closely with utility providers, councils and government departments.

From inception to relocation, our teams draw on the solid relationships we have built with stakeholders over many years to ensure smooth, low community impact, delivery of utility and civil infrastructure projects.

We’ve got you covered

We offer true turn-key delivery and provide a single point of accountability for all of your utility and infrastructure needs – gas, water and wastewater, power, telecoms, town scaping. Diona is set apart by our comprehensive ‘under one roof’ service offering.

One point of contact does, in fact, translate to fewer headaches, less room for miscommunication, and much smoother project scheduling. In turn, this means lower costs and fewer errors. Moreover, see believe our approach translates to a safer project. We demand that every single Diona employee, from Excavator Operator to Managing Director, live and breathe a safety-first culture.

In the complex (and potentially expensive) world of infrastructure delivery – the price of an on-time, hassle-free and to-schedule project delivery is hard to put a figure on. For us (and our clients), it equates to value.

Whether you require gas, electrical, water installation, or civil work – Diona takes care of it all.

Overall, this translates to lower risk and better program outcomes.

Keeping our communities happy

We work closely with clients and the community to minimise the impact of works. At Diona we believe there is no such thing as over communication. Communication and transparency is an absolute priority. That ‘little bit extra’ offered by experienced community consultation teams makes all the difference. And if there are concerns, we address them up-front, and promptly. Client-owners are briefed on all community engagements.

Safety is first

At Diona, safety is paramount. Through driving a culture of safety through exceptional leadership and engagement, robust systems, and effective risk management, we are able to deliver outstanding outcomes for our people, our clients, and the communities in which we deliver work.

Talk to Diona about how we can deliver your next project safely and on time.