Why Calibre?

Calibre is a diversified professional services, construction and maintenance specialist turning knowledge into value across multiple industry sectors and geographies.

Talk to us

Before either of us start talking projects, budgets or capability, let’s talk about you.

Where do you want to take your company?

Can we help you grow your career and achieve your business objectives?

Can we take away at least one pain point, not add to them?

Knowing your business, so solutions work for you

We see ourselves as your business partner, not as engineers, management consultants or a contractor. Before recommending any design or construction solution we take time to understand your business and industry.

Collaboration and listening;
It’s what sets us apart

While technical outcomes are critical, there are a lot of clever infrastructure experts.

Choosing the right partner for your project is a long term commitment. At Calibre, we take this responsibility seriously.

For us, it’s not just technical outcomes that matter. Whilst the technical delivery must be both clever and precise, we won’t be able to get there without you.

Talk to us early, talk to us often

The difference it makes is phenomenal. We’re talking tens of thousands to millions of dollars. These are not just claims – we have the project portfolio and client testimonials to back it up.

Whilst you’re thinking about your next project, talk to us. Talk is cheap – so there’s no cost to you… but the value at the other end is real money, less headaches and a smoother development process.

Service matters

We tick all the boxes in terms of infrastructure delivery and built environment solutions.

We provide the broad scope of engineering, consulting, construction, project delivery and management services, allowing Calibre to turn knowledge into value at every stage of the project lifecycle. Read more here about the plethora of services and advice at your disposal.

From Smart Cities of the future to mines in Mongolia, Calibre and its subsidiaries, is a diverse infrastructure business.

And while our divisions specialise in different services and skill sets – they are unified in their unwavering commitment to safety, client service and innovation.

Diona Machinery
Christmas Creek Mine
Northbridge Brewing Co 2

Any consultant is only as good as the key staff they have carrying out the work, and their ability to adapt their approach to suit each clients and project’s specific requirements. We have worked with many excellent staff across the Calibre team.

Patrick Fontein, Owner-Director, StudioD4

Over the last 10 years, we have engaged Calibre's services for the design of buildings in several power plant projects. They have consistently provided deliverables of excellent quality that conform to the requirements set out in our design briefs to them.

Mr. Ben Tan Kia Yick, Executive Officer & General Manager, Jurong Engineering

Calibre’s point of difference is their dedication to the project and ensuring the client’s vision is realised.

Warrick Thomasson, Development Manager, Pask Group

Calibre’s engineers can be called on and are available as required, with a desire to see the network condition indicators improve and provide solutions and treatments accordingly and take real ownership of the network.

Ron Muir, Division Manager Road and Traffic, Hutt City Council