Remote Operations

Over the past 12 years Calibre has built up extensive experience of integrated & remote operations. It has completed more than 25 international integrated and remote operations engagements including several high profile implementations.

Advances in information and communications technology are more rapid than ever. These are driving the conversion to remote operation, automation and data exchange.

Well-established businesses have evolved their operating models, culture, personnel and location of personnel over the past decade and are no longer constrained through technology. The capability of technology to support different, and potentially more beneficial, collaborative and integrated business models has increased significantly.

Remote operations is an opportunity to develop improved operating capability applicable over a range of businesses.

The Calibre team can provide key solutions such as connectivity, wireless communications, autonomous operations, production systems, visualisation and data management as well as the connection between IT and Operational Technology domains to ensure the convergence of technologies across operations.

As a multi disciplinary provider across all site technologies, we can offer end-to-end assurance for complete remote and integrated systems.

We provide the benefits of an integrated view of the business value chain to enable improved planning, decision making and support across operations. Our team applies best practice to remove operating or technical silos and enable open communication and collaboration.

Through our strong experience providing practical and workable solutions both existing and new businesses can find compelling competitive advantages in the use of the latest technologies, and the integration of remote operations.

Our operational and project delivery experience ensures Calibre not only provide strategy and design, but also the capacity and experience to implement, commission and fully support operating environments.

Services available:

  • Strategy consultation and planning
  • Advanced control and optimisation
  • Automation
  • Industrial communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Integrated operations
  • Signaling and simulation
  • Technology and system integration
  • Training and documentation
  • Reliability and performance analysis
  • Vehicle automation
  • Conceptual design and studies
  • Development of operational and production systems training materials ranging from paper-based and online methods to immersive training programs


Remote Operations Centre

Rio Tinto

Calibre delivered the trial emote operations centre (ROC), the East Pilbara ROC and completed all site-based works from audit through to the final operations centre. This included site enablement works design, upgrade and implementation works as well as support of these technologies.

The ROC was the first remote operations centre within the Iron Ore industry, with the implementation spanning 10 mines, rail and two ports.

Integrated Remote Operations Centre (IROC)



BHP Coal has extensive CCTV systems across many mine sites throughout Queensland. These systems deliver security, safety and operational outcomes.

Calibre worked with BHP to integrate all sites to a centralised Integrated Remote Operating Centre (IROC).

An initial audit of all sites was conducted to detail and to design solutions that integrated (formerly) mismatched systems and cameras.

The ICT network design then became the key to the success of the project, providing high availability and resilience, transmitting high volumes of video data across sites throughout Queensland.