We generate, transfer and store client data. We also create the tools to visualise, analyse and report. Most importantly, we perform contextual analysis using historic and real-time data to get more from your assets, through the latest AI techniques.

Calibre is a leading supplier of Operational Technology (OT) services. The systems we build for our clients generate vast amounts of data that is transferred over long distances via both low and high bandwidth links.

Once that data is stored, clients want to harness the data information to maximise the value of their physical assets, be it production volume, maintenance costs or other business needs.

Calibre knows how to design the architecture and communications links, as well as design and build the data centres. We also design, code and deploy various systems such as databases, historians, reporting and analytics tools.

We know data in an operational context and understand what it means, when it’s valid and how to apply the insights.

To optimise and ensure the client asset is utilised to its fullest extent, the calibre team have tools and systems to use operational data in a real time context within the systems created.

Calibre have designed data strategies in the operational technology space for large multinational companies, and implemented the entire data lifecycle on large sites for varying clients.

By hosting operational data centres within our premises, clients have recieved large increases in project value through the use of their own data.

We understand large, distributed and throughput constrained environments and are experts in transferring large amounts of data from near and remote stranded assets, using innovative techniques and processes.

Supporting the entire data life cycle by:

  • Generate/collect the data
  • Transfer the data
  • Store the data
  • Visuallise and display the data
  • Report on the data
  • Analyse the data
  • Use the data in real-time