Our business philosophy is to create maximum value for our clients, at every stage of the asset lifecycle, without compromising the essential aspects of safety, the environment and the community.

We believe the future for all industries is one integrated with technology and sustainability. Our journey is driven by this vision.

At Calibre’s core is a people-centric, value-based organisation that continuously challenges itself to find better ways and therefore better outcomes for business, society and the planet.

Calibre provides comprehensive technology consulting, design, managed services, implementation, maintenance and operations capabilities to deliver significant, sustainable improvements to operations.

Our team delivers end-to-end services to ensure integration of operational critical technology from industrial and harsh remote locations through to commercial and urban environments. We draw on our in-house expertise and relationships with key innovation and technology specialists to achieve greater operational performance.

We offer a wide range of technology solutions and services:

  • Strategy consultation and planning
  • Advanced control and optimisation
  • Automation
  • Industrial communications
  • Security and CCTV
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Integrated remote operations
  • Signalling
  • Cyber security
  • Process simulations
  • Technology and system integration
  • Training and documentation
  • Reliability and performance analysis
  • Managed services
  • Systems/Software as a Service (SaaS).

How do we deliver enduring value?

  1. By listening to and understanding our stakeholders’ expectations.
  2. By applying the most effective implementation strategies of new technologies through our comprehensive understanding of operational environments.
  3. By implementing technology solutions that deliver greater efficiency, better safety, production reliability and greater throughput.
  4. By collaborating with industry leaers and technical experts and empowering the inherent knowledge within our clients’ organisations.

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