Health and Safety

In today’s compliance-driven environment, a sustainable business requires consistent and effective performance in Health, Safety and Environment, supported by a Quality framework to ensure governance, assurance and product service delivery.

No matter what the project, its size or location, the need to invest in and deliver comprehensive HSEQ protocols is not opt-in, but must-have.

Whatever your market, project, its size or location, work closely with you to develop and implement responsible, practical, and effective HSEQ practices. To minimise risk to yourselves and the operation.

A comprehensive approach

Our design, construction and maintenance experience delivers practical solutions which reduces safety and environmental risks.

We provide a comprehensive range of construction and maintenance services, including workplace health and safety tender assessments, contractor management and performance reviews. standards.

The Technologies sector provides CCTV and image recognition systems, access security, workforce management systems, or a combination of, to support safety and risk management.

We walk the talk

Safety is the first consideration in everything we do, it is at the centre of every project we deliver. From graduate to Managing Director alike, safety is embedded as ‘the way we do things’.

Calibre continually improves its approach to HSEQ management – through management system reviews, industry certification and client feedback.