3D Visualisation. Project Immersion.

We combine the latest Immersive Technologies, Visualisation, 3D Renderings, Drone Video Capture and 3D Modelling to deliver highly engaging and compelling project experiences.

Welcome to Calibre Project Immersion (CPi)

Calibre Project Immersion (CPi) combines the latest visualisation technologies with our wealth of experience as a leading provider of engineering, consulting, project delivery, construction and asset management services.

This unique combination delivers interactive and engaging visualisations across the life of your asset - from early-stage asset evaluation and feasibility studies, to design and delivery, and ongoing support and optimisation.

  • Immerse yourself in your project during the design phase
  • Increase collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Communicate complex design with greater clarity
  • Improve decision making
  • Engage clients from concept to completion

Bring your project to life through photo realistic Visualisations

Visualisations can reduce project complexity, shape opinions and improve collaborative decision-making.

Interrogate your design using powerful 3D Modelling & stunning high resolution Aerial Imagery

Leverage the power of 3D Modelling to communicate design intent and to compare and evaluate design options.

Subiaco Redevelopment

Subiaco East Redevelopment - Domain Stadium


Subiaco East Redevelopment - Princess Margaret Hospital

With Calibre Project Immersion you have access to a range of cost effective solutions to visualise every stage of your project, from the initial bid and design development through to delivery, marketing and maintenance.

Our suite of visualisation services allow you to interrogate data about projects and work collaboratively in realising more sustainable, productive and resilient project outcomes.

  • Improving project delivery
  • Driving better decision making through collaborative processes involving multiple stakeholders
  • Enhancing visual communication
  • Providing early identification and mitigation of design problems prior to construction
  • Improving design optimisation
  • Promoting flexibility to explore design options
  • Accelerating design changes

Calibre's experienced and professional visualisation team work closely with you to create a solution tailored specifically to your industry and project. We deliver cost effective, integrated, highly engaging project experiences that get results.

To find out how Calibre Project Immersion can help you see your project like never before, contact Calibre's Marketing Team.

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