Seismic Engineering

Seismic Risk Assessment
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Whether you’re looking at a new structure or one that’s been standing for years, our building and structures team offers specialist seismic skills and knowledge of building construction methods and systems to assess earthquake-prone buildings and design tailored seismic strengthening systems.

With a track record of delivering seismic retrofits to many of our clients, our experienced team can be available to you at short notice and has the resources to meet tight timelines.

Following the Christchurch earthquakes, our team has undertaken inspections, structural evaluations and reporting on more than 1,000 buildings. Throughout New Zealand inspections and structural evaluations have also been provided for more than 500 buildings.

What our team can do for you:

  • Damage and condition assessments of existing buildings, including review of structural drawings to identify potential building weaknesses which require detailed investigation
  • Post-earthquake RAPID assessments and Building Safety Evaluations
  • Detailed review/inspection of structural members, connections and joints (visual and invasive, as necessary)
  • Assess seismic force distribution and determine building element capacities and expected performance
  • Qualitative assessment of building using Initial Evaluation Procedures (IEPs)
  • Identify immediate repairs required to maintain building integrity and undertake structural detailing
  • Quantitative Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) analyses to calculate building’s existing structural strength (%NBS) and propose strengthening work to your required performance level
  • Detailed design and documentation of earthquake repairs and strengthening for Building Consent
  • Identify options for further improvement to building strength and integrity to minimise the likelihood of damage to the structure other elements, including low-damage design.

Earthquake-prone buildings

We draw on knowledge of typical construction methods and systems used at the time the building was constructed to accurately calculate loads and structural performance and to devise a custom solution for each individual building.

Our team can provide alternative strengthening solutions so that the adopted structural system is sympathetic to both the building’s architecture and the building owner’s vision for the development, as well as being practical, economical and in compliance with local and national regulations.

In Initial Seismic Assessments (ISA), our team applies the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering – Initial Evaluation Procedure (NZSEE – IEP), which assigns approximate likely seismic (earthquake resisting) capacity value as a percentage of New Building Standard (NBS)

Historic buildings

Historic buildings are highly valued throughout our communities and our team works closely with heritage architects and cultural experts to develop cost-effective, buildable solutions that respect and reflect the architecture and history of the structure and surrounding environment.