Renewable Technologies

The Calibre team are at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. Our skills enable us to develop alternative forms of technology that can be used reduce consumption, economic impact and environmental damage.

CFOs and asset managers are taking control of their balance sheets when it comes to utility and fleet costs. Renewable energy is playing a large part in this as costs continue to escalate.

The Australian Renewable Target has been set at about 24% by 2020. This is expected to generate $14.5 billion of investment in large scale renewable projects by 2020 and billions more in commercial and domestic systems. The Renewable Energy Target will also generate an estimated 18,400 more jobs in this sector by 2020 in its current form. Calibre can work with clients to develop strategies, designs and technologies, as well as broker clean energy funding.

Our services include:
• Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) design
• Solar studies and audits
• Solar farms and micro grids
• Geothermal heating/cooling technology
• Hydrogen infrastructure
• Car charging stations
• Energy storage
• Energy monitoring