Contract Administration

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Calibre can provide full contract administration services to support the delivery of projects of any size.

With the scale and credentials of Calibre and that of its specialist subsidiary, Diona, there is no project too large, and equally, none too small.

Across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific, our contract administration experience provides confidence and diligence management no matter the project’s location.

With a focus on ensuring your project outcomes are achieved within time and budget as well as minimal disruption to your operations, our contract administration team is responsible for monitoring performance and reporting against prescribed requirements such as schedule, cost, safety, environment and quality.

Our experienced team work closely with the public or private sector, JV’s or PPP’s, and in conjunction with the broader project team, we provide confidence, assurance and probity to the administration of contracts.

Whether a major resources project, transport infrastructure or an urban development, Calibre can provide contract administration services.

Integrity and thoroughness are the cornerstone of our methodology.

Our process is summarised below:

  • Only qualifying contractors and suppliers are appointed per pre-qualification guidelines and bid list approvals. And only those meeting required client standards and KPIs are invited to join the team.
  • The identification and early attention to long-lead items result in accelerated procurement activities. Also, the ongoing monitoring via performance criteria initially established in the contract benefits compliance.
  • Formalisation and evaluation of tenders and quotations, ranging from major construction, services and equipment contracts/ orders. These activities are conducted under strict ethical practices to ensure the integrity of the client and contractors.
  • Regimented change management including the formalisation of variations.
  • The issuing, evaluation and assessment of progress claims.
  • Ongoing monitoring of contractors and suppliers to ensure delivery of all obligations in accordance with the intent of the contract, with risks identified and performance managed.
  • Provision of contract and procurement related reporting and statistics.
  • The timely performance of all activities associated with contractual close-out.