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With the increasing complexity of technologies and the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) into a consolidated environment, asset owners and operators need to know that services are managed effectively and efficiently.

Business continuity and customer expectations demand uncompromised delivery. Calibre works with clients to maintain high availability of key operational systems managing both risk and reputations.

Whether in the energy and power, manufacturing and industrial, mining and resources, or urban (Smart Cities) sectors, we can provide managed services to help bridge the gap between IT and OT and ensure alignment of operational requirements of your business.

With expertise in both IT and OT, our team has the capability to create, support and monitor a combined technologies environment. Rather than responding reactively, our managed services provides a continuous monitoring of the technology ecosystem, ensuring it is up to date, healthy, secure and delivering the best outcomes.

Instead of reproducing traditional ‘out of the box’ service-based structures and metrics, we work with you to align the key performance requirements of your operations to the support services you require.

In turn, your managed service environment becomes a service to your business, functioning as part of a larger team positively engaged to continuously support and improve operations.

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