Rotorua Police Station

Rotorua-Police-Station and New Zealand Police

Rotorua, New Zealand

The Rotorua Police Station shows how collaboration and early involvement can generate smart solutions. The building not only exhibits modern elegance in design and reflects the cultural and historical values of the region, but has also been designed to remain fully functional after a disaster, such as a major seismic event. Calibre's structural team worked closely with the architect, geotechnical engineers, and seismic experts to deliver a building that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Working in close collaboration with the University of Canterbury, Calibre recommended a design solution incorporating low damage, self-centering PRESSS (Pre-cast Seismic Structural Systems) technology. This alternative solution to a conventional reinforced concrete frame structure provides improved seismic performance and reduces the likelihood of concrete cracking and damage to the reinforcing steel.

Moreover the design is more ‘flexible’, so that if damage is sustained the structure can be more easily repaired.

The building will ‘recentre’ itself after an earthquake. Clever stuff.

Designed as an Importance Level 4 building, the police station should remain fully functional as major infrastructure after a disaster. The design incorporates post-tensioned steel tendons which clamp the rocking concrete shear walls to the foundations to resist earthquake forces. This allows the building to remain stiff and perform well under everyday loadings, as well as under extreme events.

A key feature is the readily accessible “plug and play” energy absorbing devices on the outside of the walls. These are designed to reduce the building response, increase strength and can be easily replaced following a significant seismic event. Along with the smart seismic resisting PRESSS technology, innovative structural detailing will mitigate potential damage in the structure post-disaster.



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