Rio Tinto Remote Operations Centre Enablement

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Pilbara Region, Western Australia, Australia

As part of Rio Tinto’s Expansion plans and ‘Mine of the Future’ program, a Perth-based Operations Centre needed to be established. This initiative provided the critical infrastructure to support the operational growth plans with remote monitoring and operations.

Calibre was engaged to design and deliver the robust communications infrastructure to interface between the Perth operations centre and a network of Rio Tinto mines and ports in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, including eight mines and two ports.

The eight mines under control and supervision include Hope Downs, Yandicoogina, West Angelas, Paraburdoo, Tom Price, Mesa J, Brockman 4 Phase 2 and Marando Mines, while the trains transport the iron ore to two ports located at Cape Lambert and Dampier.

Our team provided the necessary communications infrastructure to remove all single points of failure between the Wide Area Network (WAN) junction point and the critical production infrastructure of each mine. This permitted access to critical production systems from the Perth operations centre. The Remote Operations Centre will contribute to greater overall efficiency, lower production costs and improved operational decision making.

The project was successfully completed with an exemplary safety record on schedule and budget.