Restoration of the Golden Mile

Welllington City Council

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington City Council embarked on a significant project to improve the public transport links along the Golden Mile. Located in Wellington’s central business district, the Golden Mile is a main bus route for the city’s public infrastructure, with narrow bus lanes, numerous underground services and over 1,800 bus movements a day.


With two fixed deadlines predominately associated with the 2011 Rugby World Cup, the project allowed only for a six-month design and tendering period and posed an exciting challenge for our team. The restoration included creating new bus lanes, car parking, eight new/ improved traffic signal installations and re-routing buses through Manners Mall.

The redesign of the Golden Mile has led to faster journey times for the people of Wellington and its visitors. The combination of materials used in construction has ensured the pavement has a long asset life that will sustain the busy transport route. The design has also opened up the lower end of Cuba Street, transforming it into a shared space enjoyed by pedestrians.