McLarty Explosives Reserve Facility


Lake Clifton, Western Australia, Australia

The Baldivis Explosives Reserve Facility (BERF), managed by the Department for Mines and Petroleum (DMP), was used for storage, manufacture, testing and disposal of explosives including fireworks. When the site was identified as suitable for redevelopment for residential purposes, Calibre assisted with site selection and facility layout design for a proposed new facility, as the original facility would need to be decommissioned and relocated.

McLarty Explosives Reserve Facility

Three alternative sites were identified and assessed against a number of criteria, including buffer zone requirements, risk issues, infrastructure requirements, planning issues and transport times. Throughout the process our team liaised closely with government bodies to ensure any selected site would remain viable to meet the needs of future industry.

The full range of services were assessed and costed within a short time frame and the final selected site, which met all criteria, has been secured for development. A high level of confidentiality was maintained during investigations.



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