McCrae Way Extension and Development

Auckland Council

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Council has transformed New Lynn into a vibrant metropolitan centre and a part of this project was to connect McCrae Way to Totara Avenue, completing a new, pedestrian-friendly roading network.

Calibre Consulting provided traffic engineering and surveying inputs to the Auckland Council McCrae Way shared space project as part of the revitalisation of New Lynn and development of a transit oriented development.


The project was coordinated with the building development on adjacent sites.The engineering design was required to be robust to perform satisfactorily as an urban space but also as access to adjacent properties. 

The achievements of the design team included the design of a well integrated shared vehicle and pedestrian zone, complex concrete pavements designed to highest urban design standards, engineering of tree pits and low-impact design measures, and coordination and relocation of underground services to future proof areas of development into a transit oriented development