Kensington Park Residential Development

Kensington Park Holdings and Southpark Corporation

Auckland, New Zealand

Kensington Park is a high-quality master-planned residential neighbourhood with close to 700 houses, architecturally inspired by the distinctive plantation style and set amid mature native trees and palm-lined boulevards. The high-density development requires a mix of cadastral survey techniques and methods to deliver new titles as stages are progressed and new buildings are constructed


Calibre has undertaken survey work for this development since Southpark Corporation took ownership in 2008, including cadastral and topographical surveys, as well as RMA planning and ground monitoring.

Careful coordination and collaboration with other professionals and stakeholders has been critical to deliver the homes to new owners on time. The client has drawn upon our wider understanding of the land development process, with our continued provision of surveying services has resulted in a consistent approach where stages are coordinated and delivered to new owners to a very high standard and importantly with “no surprises”.




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