Kairangi Village Residential Development

Urvashi Trustees

Wellington, New Zealand

Calibre completed a feasibility study, followed by the civil design for the development’s land use consent. In addition to the design and supervision of the civil works, our survey team performed the cadastral survey work, including the subdivision consent application and associated legal survey work.

Our team overcame a number of design challenges, including terracing to accommodate the ‘gully-like’ terrain, unsuitable foundation soils, contaminated soils, congestion of services due to it being a high density development, downstream flooding, and water supply design in differential supply zones.

Our solutions included:

  • Retaining walls around half a kilometre
  • Earthworks of 10,200m³ predominantly cut to waste
  • Stormwater part-treatment/detention via a rain-garden system
  • Incorporation of shared vehicle/pedestrian access ways to facilitate a community feel

Key Services:

Specialist Services:

  • Procurement
  • Retaining Walls


Geoff Anderson


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