Ginninderry, West Belconnen

Riverview Group

Belconnen, ACT, Australia

Ginninderry (West Belconnen) is a 6-star development under the Green Building Councilpilot program. Encompassing 11,500 dwellings spanning ACT and NSW, the world-class development will occur in 30 stages over 30 to 40 years. 

Detailed design and tendering documentation for Stage 1 is underway. A key component in the development, Stage 1 is delivering arterial road access through the first suburb and trunk lead in services for the ultimate development. Stage 1 also sees the introduction of many innovative solutions to facilitate the development’s vision of providing new housing products, new road cross-section typology, urban boulevard solution, microgrid, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) strategy, and governance processes.

Calibre is providing engineering services, road master planning, and opinion of cost for rezoning.  To date, the team has provided engineering input into detailed masterplan for Neighbourhood 1 (1,000 dwellings), followed by Estate Development Plan and Development Application for Stage 1 (353 dwellings).

Current project highlights include:

  • Endorsed industry leading water sensitive urban design (WSUD) strategy
  • 2.5km creek rehabilitation and improvement works to manage urban excess immediately downstream of Stage 1
  • Sewer masterplanning, feasibility, concept design and planning approvals for 1.5km sewer tunnel and 40m deep vortex drop structure, and
  • Design of 2.5km access road from Stage 1 to the Murrumbidgee River.