Fanshawe Street Office Towers

Mansons TCLM

Auckland, New Zealand

With the growing demand for A-grade commercial space in Auckland’s CBD, Mansons TCLM’s 6-Green Star rated commercial towers at 136-142 Fanshawe Street will add valuable office inventory to this market.

Calibre was engaged as the lead designer for this development, completing the modelling of the building and taking on the responsibility of all construction monitoring tasks. The development provides 19,900 square metres of office space, with provision for some ground floor retail to support the office tenancies. A key success factor for the project was the ability to attract reputable commercial tenants, therefore the design had to be carefully considered to ensure it supported a variety of modern working practices. Additionally, the towers consist of an eccentrically braced frame and concrete shear wall structure, reducing the cost and number of concrete beams required.

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