Cathedral Junction

Fortis Construction

Christchurch, New Zealand

Cathedral Junction was damaged during the Canterbury earthquakes. Calibre completed the post-earthquake damage and structural seismic assessments for the complex, which consists of two reinforced concrete towers and a steel framed atrium over a basement, along with a three-storey hotel structure in the south.

The client required swift yet comprehensive repairs to reinstate the buildings as quickly as possible and minimise business impact. The overall project was a great success, returning one of Christchurch’s iconic precincts to the people to share and enjoy.

Our team was involved from the initial damage assessments and occupancy recommendations, through to detailed design and documentation and monitoring of the repairs. The work involved detailed analyses of unusual damage patterns and use of 3D modelling.

Innovative solutions included replacing concrete cladding panels in the atrium with steel clad, lightweight concrete alternatives with supplementary steel bracing to reduce the seismic demands. Perimeter steel braces were installed to provide direct load paths from isolated stairwells, effectively tying them in to the superstructure. Damaged steel braces were replaced with cost-effective and easily installed alternatives saving time and money.

The repairs and refurbishment were completed through a comprehensive, robust and transparent process, completely satisfying our client, Christchurch City Council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) requirements.

Specialist Services:

  • Seismic Strengthening


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