BHPB Iron Ore Whaleback I/O Replacement

BHP Billiton

Mount Whaleback, Newman, Western Australia, Australia

The existing Beneficiation and OHP2 High Grade Plant PLC systems were installed in 1997/98. However, technology systems age over time and can become unsupported by vendors. Calibre was therefore engaged to upgrade the systems to ensure functioning as intended and to protect against any losses to production due to malfunction.

One of the great challenges of upgrading production systems is that, because they form the central control of production, any changes require the operations to be shut-down. Thus, it is critical to do any upgrades as quickly and as accurately as possible to minimise any production loss.

Calibre's role for these works was to change out the input/output racks for the control system. These racks provide the point where the physical equipment and instrumentation are wired back to the control system to enable the process conditions to be read and the plant devices to be controlled.