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Following the provision of master planning services, Calibre has continued as lead engineer to manage all civil engineering works including, but not limited to, bulk earthworks, stormwater drainage, sewer reticulation, road works, car parking areas, electrical and telecommunications works and potable water reticulation.

The Aura development, branded 'The City of Colour' has allowed Calibre to showcase success through a handpicked team with a unique skillset capable of fostering leadership and collaboration.

Stockland Development's vision was to create a Master Planned Community consisting of approximately 1560 residential lots, 2 medium density lots, State and Private Schools, a District Sports Park, an Eco Centre Site, a Regional Park, 7 Local Park and fields and 2 District Centres.

Significant trunk works were required to support the development including the staged delivery of the two arterial roadways, bridge works, traffic signals, lighting works, extensive pedestrian and cyclist networks, pedestrian and fauna underpasses, water supply and sewerage mains, and a major sewerage pump station.

Calibre have been involved with the Baringa development from the early master planning phase of the development. Our involvement has included the preparation of concept design packages and associated reports, cost estimates and infrastructure staging investigations, development approval reporting, construction based environmental management plans, detailed civil works designs, approvals management, and construction phase services.

During the delivery phase of the project, Calibres focus was on providing Project Coordination, Approvals Management and Construction Phases services. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, Calibre's objective in their role for the delivery of Baringa was to establish a collaborative approach across all team members. Key to delivering on this objective was to establish trusting relationships and to provide constant consistent communication through all communication avenues. Calibre has been instrumental in this success through a handpicked team with a unique skillset capable of fostering leadership and collaboration.

A significant risk for the Baringa development is approval compliance. Being delivered as a PDA, there is a greater reliance on Stockland achieve commitments. Having a thorough understanding of this reliance from previous works on the site, Calibre had cemented solid relationships with key personnel and had developed a thorough understanding of the processes and requirements including coordination, certification and compliance. This knowledge streamlined approvals and plan sealing milestones with favourable outcomes reducing risk, time and costs to Stockland.

Environmentally, the delivery of the project has established exemplary environmental credentials to become a benchmark project for construction. Calibre has led this aspect of the project from very early on through establishing environmental awareness training for all involved in the project and ensuring that environmental matters were a KPI of the project's construction phase. As a testament to the emphasis put environmental responsibility, in 2015 the Green Building Council of Australia awarded the Aura Masterplan a 6 Star Green Star community rating, the highest possible rating achievable.




  • Healthy Land and Water Awards 2017 - Erosion and Sediment Control
  • UDIA Awards 2017 - Environmental Excellence
  • IECA Excellence Awards 2017 - Finalist for Environmental Excellence


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