Auckland Airport George Bolt Memorial Drive

Auckland International Airport

Auckland, New Zealand

As the main access road for New Zealand’s largest airport, George Bolt Memorial Drive in Auckland caters for heavy traffic volumes, with over 40,000 vehicles per day using the route. The airport’s traffic model predicts continuing growth with up to 60,000 vehicles per day using the road by 2025. A new roundabout was needed to provide access to important commercial precincts north of the airport.

Calibre designed the roundabout and developed solutions to manage traffic flows at the intersection during construction. A key design consideration was to ensure the project not only met current needs but also catered for the predicted growth. Our team undertook all feasibility, design, consenting and contract administration and prepared a full Traffic Design Report for New Zealand Transport Agency including reviews and safety auditing before construction started

Specialist Services:

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Heavy Duty Pavement Design


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