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Whether for commercial or residential purposes, as valuable commercial assets, properties must tick all the boxes.

Tenants expect more.

Owners and developers expect more.

Everyone, it seems, expects more… and often for less.

So, rather than price, let’s talk value.

And that’s our aim in every engagement.

To deliver value commercial and residential properties must be attractive, functional, versatile, sustainable, and economical. Moreover, landlords or owner-occupiers need to minimise costs and ensure asset longevity and capital growth.

That’s where we help.

Calibre can assist you to more efficiently and cost-effectively develop or expand your development. We have decades of experience in the delivery of new buildings and are skilled in refurbishment and retrofits (even those tricky heritage sites).

With a goal to maximise your development’s viability and facilitate enduring market value, we aim to maximise usable floor space, improve energy and water consumption, and create collaborative, open spaces that reflect the practices and movement of the modern family, workforce or retailer.

We understand the challenges associated with complex buildings or unusual and difficult site requirements – in fact, our team, loves nothing more.

We don’t do cookie-cutter designs, so if that’s what you need, we can refer you to other consultants that might suit you better.

But if you want a partner that considers alternative options (and in our experience, thinking differently almost always delivers a more cost-effective solution), then contact Calibre.

Mixed-use development

We work with you to accommodate the priorities of all stakeholders, achieving harmony between residential, commercial, leisure, educational, health and transportation functions. Let’s call it an integrated approach. And considering that’s how we want to live and work, why would you want to work with a consultant who didn’t think about the big picture?

Tertiary & education facilities

We work with government and private bodies, including educators, funders, developers and contractors, to deliver high-performing primary, secondary and higher education facilities, as well as research and cultural amenities.

Whether you require traditional teaching rooms or theatres, libraries or world-class laboratories, print facilities, or swimming and sports amenities, we are experienced in delivering a broad range of education projects with varied budgets and timeframes, and within diverse social and economic contexts.

Sports, recreation, & tourism facilities

We have experience in meeting the challenges associated with a variety of sports and recreation/entertainment developments, from the structural demands of major stadiums to the planning intricacies of community parks.

With a hungry team of sports-mad staff, our lot jump at the chance to be part of these projects. And that passion and enthusiasm translates to smart ideas brought to the table. Did someone say, MCG Redevelopment?

Depending on your vision, we can provide the means to make even the most imaginative ideas a concrete reality – from structural and civil engineering, to water and environmental design, planning and contract administration.

Talk with us, we’d love to talk to you.

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