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Smart Industry Automated Production

Industry is changing.

Advances in information and communications technology (ICT), more rapid than ever, are driving the conversion to automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

From automated process control through to plant monitoring via CCTV and integrated operations, our Technologies specialists are leaders in delivering industrial technology and can help to connect your operations through practical technology. We also provide solutions for government via our Smart Cities solutions.

Work smarter, not harder

Technological solutions open up a world of possibilities for manufacturing and industry by linking all the steps in the value chain. Greater data capture, and in particular real time data capture, means identifying and responding to real time issues, in real-time – not a month later when a report is run.

Technology solutions will improve your business’ analytics, streamline operations and boost production, and reduce unnecessary energy and resource consumption.

Of course, Smart Industry is not without its challenges.

But done right, and delivered by a team who not only understand the tech-talk but business operations as well, Calibre will put the right measures in place to protect (indeed, leverage) your business.

With a focus on security, speed, reliability and stability, we work with you to maintain the integrity of the production process and tailor every solution to your specific business requirements.

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