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Calibre offers shares and cash in Talent quest for growth

Diversified engineering, technology and sustainability partner Calibre Group is offering shares and cash incentives as the company ramps up its recruitment effort to capitalise on a $2.5 billion pipeline of project opportunities.

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Calibre’s experience with communication signalling systems offers value to both sides of the tracks

Australia’s rail network is bringing exciting opportunities to innovate and implement new technologies that improve line capacities and enhance safety operations. One such area is track communication systems. As a leader in rail operations in this country, Calibre is the only consultancy to have worked directly with the two leading contenders - ETCS and CBTC.

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Let’s talk about pay equity

Celebrating IWD is one thing, but let’s talk about pay equity International Women’s Day is an important date for all women. A day to look at our own lives and the communities around us. A day to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we still need to go. A day to honour the women who have come before us and the great achievements they have made. It is also a day where we can all take some time to assess what each of us can do to support each other and the continued work still required in the areas of gender equality.

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Calibre Group Completes Refinancing - Enabled to Thrive

CALIBRE Group is expanding its reach and impact as a strong challenger in the Australian and New Zealand infrastructure market, securing a new $130 million finance package and signalling the completion of its debt refinancing process.

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Developing relationships across the rail industry

In our final article on collaboration to master project and engineering complexity, we hear from Stephen Hand, Sustaining Capital Services Program Manager for Calibre. Stephen discusses how Calibre delivers better project outcomes by building relationships that demonstrate experience, authority and trust.

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Rail and the Environment - Strategy no Obstruction

From the outside looking in, rail wouldn’t be the first choice for many environmental professionals. The common misconception is that many of the interesting and exciting opportunities within the mining industry only occur when planning, opening a mine or closing one. However, the environmental specialists at Calibre will tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

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