Building Better Health Outcomes

Building Better Health Outcomes

Calibre, together with the broader consultation team, embarked on this project with a very clear understanding of our responsibility - to design and deliver an engineering solution that would promote positive experiences for patients, staff and visitors for generations to come.

STARS is the first stage of the Herston Quarter regeneration of 6 hectares of dormant land with a mixed-use precinct comprising world class health services along with a collection of supporting complementary uses.

From an engineering perspective STARS required a high quality, cost effective design solution to a significantly complex brief on a challenging site.

Externally the expressed pre-cast frame provides civic scale and character, while reducing wastage and improving construction efficiencies.

Along the western edge a generous landscaped public staircase modelled on the ‘Spanish Steps” provides a welcoming connection from Herston Road to STARS and the Heritage Precinct. The design of the flights utilised precast concrete and the landings were hollowcore slabs with a concrete topping, The combination of a zig zag pattern together with lush vegetation spilling down the tiered slope, provides a welcoming, comfortable and inspiring environment for patient rehabilitation.

One of the many technical challenges was to ensure the vibration performance of the slabs complied with the clients requirements. In order for the design to provide the highest level of patient rehabilitation, it was imperative that any vibration, particularly in the areas including the operating theatres, was imperceptible.

STARS is not only a high quality, cost effective design solution but moreover a working model to challenge how people think about hospitals.

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